How do I scan from my HP Envy 4500 to my computer?

hp envy 4500 scan to computer

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In this article we will share some important tips and methods to fix HP Envy 4500 scan to computer issue. Many of you had asked about how to use scan to computer option in HP envy printers. Simply adding the printer in windows 10 will not install the full featured software on the computer. You need to install latest drivers to activate HP Envy 4500 scan to computer features.

Firstly, you have to installed the full featured software for you hp printer on your windows 10 or Mac computers. In this installation package you will get all the drivers to use your HP Envy 4500 scan to computer features on your computers. Now you can download and install the HP envy printer software here- Download HP Envy 4500 Drivers.

Once the HP software is installed successfully on the Windows 10 computer. You should have an icon of HP ENVY Series on your desktop screen.

Here are the steps to enable HP Envy 4500 Scan to Computer:

  1. Open the HP Envy printer icon on the computer desktop screen. (for windows 10 user)
  2. Once its open, HP printer assistance will pop up on your screen.
  3. In this pop up select Scan to Computer option.
  4. Open Scan to computer icon and enable this feature.
  5. If scan to computer option is already enabled. Select disable first, and then enable again.
  6. Now try to scan from printer again.

Problem Solved

Note: You have to select your computer name on the printer when you start a scan.

In case scan to computer doesn’t work that means there is a problem with  network connection. Therefore, reconnect the printer again on the home network or WiFi and install latest drivers for your hp envy printer.

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