How to find WPS Pin on HP Printer (Solved)

wps pin on hp printer

If you have successfully installed HP printer drivers on your computer and your printer is asking for “WPS Pin” for wireless connection, then you have to follow these simple steps in order to fix this problem. Finding the wps pin on hp printer is quite difficult for almost every customer. In technical language WPS stands for “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” and this method used to make connections between a router and wireless printers and other devices.

Types of WPS connections in HP Printers:-

  • WPS Button
  • WPS Pin

Connect HP printer using WPS Button

  1. Go to HP printers control panel or Screen and then press the Wireless button or Setting Button.(Blue Light starts blinking)
  2. Select the option “WiFi Protected Setup” and follow the instructions on the printer screen.
  3. Next, you have to select “WPS Button” option. By doing so, printer will ask you to press the WPS button the wireless router.
  4. Once you Press the WPS button on the router, go to your printer and hit continue for wireless connection.
  5. Now Connection established and your printer is good to go.

Connect HP printer using WPS Pin

  1. Go to your HP printer’s control panel and then press the Wireless button> Settings button.
  2. Touch the WiFi Protected Setup and then follow onscreen prompts.
  3. Now you are prompted to PIN, just tap on it. By doing so, WPS PIN will display on the screen.
  4. Next, you have to access configuration utility or software for the wireless router or wireless access point. And then you have to enter WPS PIN.
  5. Once the setup is complete, you can install network printer driver by opening printer’s HP folder in All Programs> Printer Setup & Software. After this, choose the option “Connect a new printer”.
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WPS Pin On HP Printer

5 thoughts on “How to find WPS Pin on HP Printer (Solved)

  1. The Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) function on network routers is being confused with the WPS-PIN requirement for the HP printers. If you can already ‘see’ your HP-PRINTER in your computer’s ‘discovered’ or “Add Printers” device list, you are already connected to your desired network, and so is your new HP-PRINTER.
    The WPS-PIN required/requested during the HP Printer-setup (blue-box-pop-up) is a part of the security functions which controls who can print to this printer.
    This is the best solution for it.

  2. Thank you Folks for helping me. If any one is getting the msg of WPS, let me tell you once you connect the printer with WPS pin you will be disconnected from the internet because your computer will directly connect with the printer. So if you want to install the printer wireless then call HP people they will do that for you.

  3. Thanks James for your comment.. because I also called HP Live Technician and they installed the printer on my computer remotely…I was worried how to installed it but they did it in couple of min. And thank you HP Technician Team for helping me.

  4. Hi My name is Letitia i didnt get any disc or drive and i cant find my manuel on how to use my printer deskjet2600 i cant seem to find my pin on it tried all the numbers i found on it

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