How to fix HP Printer offline in windows 10?

fix hp printer offline

What causes HP printer offline in windows 10?

Microsoft latest operating System “windows 10”  widely used in almost every computer. Windows 10 support every latest printers from HP. But here is the key point to note, when ever there is a small or important updates from Microsoft these hp printers stops printing and some time they show some error messages like “hp printer offline“. Its quite frustrating to restart the printer again again to fix HP printer offline issue in windows 10 computers.

HP technician teams they also noticed these issue very closely. And now they have the exact reasons for this hp printer offline problem. After a long research and troubleshooting it has been found that its all about network connection between router, computer and printer.

How windows 10 updates play important role in HP printer offline problem?

Users of windows 10 know that the updates are automatic and some time you can’t see these updates on screen. If these updates failed to installed correctly on computer it creates problems with printer drivers and internal files of peripheral devices. In almost every case Hp printer says its connected to the network or its wireless blue light gives you the signal that its connected. But still it shows the same message “HP Printer Offline“. Always try to restore your computer after any failed update. This will bring your computer to the same state in which it was working earlier. Bringing hp printer offline to online is not an easy task but getting the proper updates for your windows will definitely fix hp printer offline issue.

Ways to enable HP Printer Offline to Online in windows 10

1. Use Printer Offline

If you are using printers on windows computer then you must have seen this screen in control panel. Yes, you are right its the basic settings or properties section of your printer. “Use printer offline” is a feature which is used to print without internet. This basic single feature makes a big difference in printing system. In case you want to print any document or email from the internet and this “Use printer offline” option is check marked in settings, it will not print anything. Therefore it also shows hp printer offline message on computer screen. Please unchecked this option on your printer settings so that you can use printer online.

2. Printer offline to online

In this section, hp printer offline advance troubleshooting steps explained below. If any customer still face the issue please leave a comment at the bottom of this page or call HP Live Support for more help. 

  • Check the “IP Address” of Printer on control panel or screen of the printer.
  • Now open the same IP Address shown in the wireless summary on your computer browser (like chrome or Firefox)
  • It will open up your printer page like shown above in the picture.
  • If it doesn’t open your printer page it means its not connected to your wireless router.
  • (Technical Part) After this open up your router page that is provided by your ISP(Internet service provider) like AT&T or Verizon, Comcast etc.
  • In the router page there is an option of “Channel” which is “Automatic” by default. Change it to 3,6 or 11 any one of them.
  • Save the settings and wait for 30 sec.
  • Restart your Printer and try to print.
  • Issue HP Printer offline Solved.

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HP printer offline in windows 10

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