How to fix print spooler service not running in windows 10?

print spooler service not running

Most of you have seen that when you start printing any photo, email or important document from computer, error screen pops up “print spool error” or “print spooler service not running“. Its quite frustrating for those who don’t have technical knowledge about computers and printers. But in this section of post you can fix all those errors by yourself online.

Before you make any changes to your windows computer or print spool services, you should know what is print spool and how it works on windows computers.

What is print spooler service?

In common language we can say that Print spooler is a windows software service which helps your computer to understand and manage all the print commands of the printer. Some time this service stops running , therefore computer gives you print spooler error and printers quit printing.

Why does print spooler service keeps stopping again and again?

By the experts, it has been found that if there is any failed update for windows or you installed any third party program which conflicts with the Microsoft services, then every time print spooler service keeps stopping. Examples of third party software like re-image, driver update, slim cleaner plus etc. These software will guarantee you to fix computer problems but in real they built problems in computers. So uninstall these programs before trying fixing steps.

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Print spooler error codes

There are basically 10 print spooler error codes, which are given below. You might be facing any one of the error with print spooler services.

Windows could not start the Print Spooler service on Local Computer

  • Error 1068 : The dependency service or group failed to start.
print spooler error code 1068
  • Error 1067 : The process terminated unexpectedly.
print spooler error 1067
  • Error 1053 : The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.
print spooler error 1053
  • Error 2114 : The print spooler failed to share printer with shared resources error 2114 event 315
  • Error 7034 : Windows cannot connect to the printer. The local print spooler service is not running. Please restart the spooler or restart the machine.
  • Error code 0x5 : The print spooler failed to delete the file C:\Windows\system32\spool\PRINTERS\00058.SHD, error code 0x5. See the event user data for context information.
  • Error 0x00006ba : (error 0x000006ba) local print spooler service is not running
  • Error code 0x2 : The print spooler failed to delete the file C:\Windows\system32\spool\SERVERS\<ServerName>\00004.SPL, error code 0x2
  • Error code 0xc1 : The print spooler failed to load a plug-in module C:\Windows\system32\spool\DRIVERS\x64\3\UNIDRVUI.DLL, error code 0xc1. See the event user data for context information.
  • Error code 0x7e : The print spooler failed to load a plug-in module TPVMMon.dll, error code 0x7e.

Methods to fix “print spooler service” errors 

  • Deleting old print spooler files
  • Restart Print spooler service
  • Set Print spooler service as Automatic
  • Set print spooler service recovery option
  • Install new spoolsv.dll file in windows

1. Deleting old Print Spooler Files

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