Fix HP Deskjet Printer Offline Problem

hp deskjet printer offline

HP Deskjet Printer Offline

In this article today we will talk about how to fix hp deskjet printer offline problem in computers? Almost 90% customer uses printers wirelessly at there office and home. And they can face this kind of problem any time at there office or home. To solve this problem permanently we will tell you some simple steps that you can follow on your computer and your printer. Follow the steps one by one and it will fix hp deskjet printer offline issue on your laptops and computers.

Steps to fix hp deskjet printer offline issue

Step 1. Check your HP Deskjet Printer is connected to your (home or office) wireless network or not . If not then connect it to your wifi again.

  1. Firstly Turn on your Wireless printer. You can use the touchscreen in the wireless printer to connect your wireless network.
  2. On the touchscreen, press the right arrow key and press setup.
  4. Now choose Network from setup menu.
  5. Select Wireless Setup Wizard from Network menu, it will search for the wireless routers in the range.
  7. Select your Network (SSID) from the list.
  8. Enter the WEP/WPA Passphrase for the network and press Done
  10. Press OK to confirm the settings
  12. Press OK to print wireless report or Skip

Step 2. Uninstall the old hp printer drivers from your computer. Restart your computer and Install them again.

Step 3. Add new Printer from the control Panel.

Step 4. Right Click on printer, set printer as default and unchecked the option “use printer offline”.

Now your hp deskjet printer is online and its good to go. In case you are not able to fix this HP Deskjet Printer offline issue then immediately call HP Printer Support for help 

hp printer support

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HP Deskjet Printer Offline

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